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  • People

  • Eunadie Johnson

    by Eunadie Johnson | Feb 17, 1997

    Barriers still exist for Black people in Canada, especially for a woman like Eunadie Johnson, who chooses to live in northern Manitoba as a Black woman and a feminist. read more

  • artist: Agnes Nanogak

    Nov 11, 1996

    Agnes Nanogak of Victoria’s Holman Island was one of Canada’s major artists and the first Inuit artist to receive an honourary degree from any university – anywhere. Creating work dominated by shamanism – witch doctors, spirit dancers, sorcerers and animal spirits, as well as by the traditional Inuit celebrations - her prints and drawings made it possible to look at Inuit life and history through Inuit eyes. read more

  • activists: Bindu Dhaliwal and Denise Campbell

    Oct 1, 1996

    Wow! What these young full-time students have done through globally networking to improve the lives of women and to ensure more Canadian young people – especially young women – get involved in the United Nations and other international organizations to pursue equality, development and peace. read more