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cuz girls got game! Eve’s Quest

by May Lui | March 6, 2006

Question: How often do women appear in trivia games?
Answer: Only 4% of the content for an average trivia game deals with women.

Question: What new board game goes against these odds?
Answer: Eve’s Quest is the first to focus exclusively on women, with 15 categories that include:

  • All About Art,
  • Gender Gap,
  • Musing on Myths and
  • Women's Wisdom.
how did Eve’s Quest begin?

Montrealer Joanna Broadhurst first had the idea of a board game with woman-centred trivia when she saw an interview in a local paper featuring the creators of the world-famous Trivial Pursuit game series. (They are also from Montreal.) She was surprised when she discovered that there was no trivia game about women.

She kept the idea in the back of her mind for years, then talked to her friend Odette McCarthy.

Joanna and Odette created a game that deals with women in an educational and fun way, a game that will gather families and friends together to interact face to face in our increasingly video- and TV-focused culture.

Who is the Greek goddess of intelligence?

a) Venus
b) Athena
c) Bacchus


“I wanted a fun game that celebrated women that’s not preachy or serious,” says Joanna. “We didn’t want it to be dry, so that’s why we included questions with songs and with drawing.”

Playing the game, you will find that there are numerous trivia questions, with both multiple choice and true/false options. And of course, the Canadian creators have included a good number of Canadian-based questions. There is also a sprinkling of singing and drawing questions as well as charades and acting-out questions for the more extroverted in the crowd.

The final challenge is an Intuition Question.

Quick, answer one of these questions:

You have one magical wish. What women’s health issue would you make disappear?

Your car is stalled 500 miles from home and you only have 25 cents on you. Whom do you call?

Everyone except the player writes down an answer. To win, the player must guess who wrote which answer.

What is the country of origin of Mercedes Sosa, a singer and activist also known as La Voz de la Gente, La Pachamama and La Negra?

a) Venezuela
b) Spain
c) Argentina


When asked about the future of Eve’s Quest, the creators talk about the launch of the game south of the border, as well as beginning to plan a version of the game for girls and young women aged eight to 14. Already, the response has been tremendous, with over 1,000 copies of the game sold in the two months leading up to and including the Christmas 2005 season.

Odette McCarthy: “People who see the game can’t believe that a women’s trivia game hasn't been done before, and can't believe how fun, entertaining and educational playing the game is.”

From which Canadian province did Emily Murphy and 4 members of the "Famous Five" come, women whose challenge to the British North America Act resulted in women being recognized as persons in 1929 in Canada?

a) Alberta
b) Ontario
c) Nova Scotia


Joanna and Odette say they’ve found this experience exciting, empowering, energizing and fun. Joanna talks about how inspiring it is to go after her dream and see it become reality, always framing it within a supportive friendship and family network, as well as the community that Eve’s Quest continues to give back to.

The two women have come up with the idea of using their game to fundraise for the Women’s Future Fund, holding tournaments organized by women’s groups and community organizations, as well as high schools, shelters, and even women's prisons. The idea is catching on. Between March 8 and May 14, players can arrange their own games. They are asked to donate any amount as an entrance fee. The Women’s Future Fund will send out a free game to be taken home by the winner. During those dates, a portion of all Eve’ Quest online sales will go to the fund as well, as long as you mention the fund when you order.

If you’d like to start your own tournament, call the Women’s Future Fund: 416.516.5500.

As well, $2 from every copy of Eve’s Quest sold in Canada is donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

As of 2004, how many Nobel Peace Prizes had been awarded to women?

a) 12
b) 16
c) 20


Although the creation and development of this game was completely feminist, there is barely a whisper of the word found near or around the content of the game and the questions. This speaks to the reality that feminism happens in many ways, not the least of which is having women’s voices and lives at the centre, taking up space proudly in the celebration of our many accomplishments.

What famous Tibetan geographic formation is known as Chomolungma meaning mother goddess of universe?


playing Eve’s Quest

A group of women, ranging in age from mid 30s to early 60s have this to say about this trivia pursuit:

  • Sue, mid 30s: “The game is a bit confusing, sometimes the letters that you have to accumulate don’t match the ones on the board.”
  • Nicola, late 30s, finds some of the answers incorrect, such as this question: Who is the only actress with a royal title to have won an Oscar? The game’s answer: Queen Latifah. Nicola was not impressed both that Queen Latifah was portrayed as royalty, and the fact that Queen Latifa was nominated, but did not win, an Oscar in 2003.
  • All the women spoke warmly of the charades and drawing portions of the game, sometimes preferring those parts to the long-winded trivia questions.

To contact Joanna Broadhurst or Odette McCarthy at Shakin’ The Tree Productions, visit the Eve’s Quest website, linked to below.

This feature was first published on’s predecessor site CoolWomen.


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