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  • News

    will athletic association’s backlash backfire in Winnipeg?

    by Marianne Cerilli | Oct 15, 2007

    Last September, Winnipeg twins won the right to play boys’ hockey. The association that blocked them from the game in the first place is now appealing the Manitoba Human Rights Commission decision. When she heard about the appeal of the case, Justine Blainey had some advice for Amy and Jesse Pasternak. “To the girls: don’t give up - it’s getting up from the checks of life that makes us stronger!” read more

  • Ideas

    time to represent!: Ontario's referendum

    by Michelle Dagnino | Oct 1, 2007

    A Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform recommended a new way to vote. A referendum question now asks voters whether they'd choose to change the way they select politicians – and provincial governments. It’s an exciting opportunity to reshape Ontario’s electoral system. So why are the odds stacked against Mixed Member Proportional? (Huh?!) And why do so few people in the province know what this is all about? What MMP is, and why we might want it. read more

  • People

    Commissioner Busson on the case

    by Frances Rooney | Aug 24, 2007

    She took on the top job at the Mounties in December 2006. Bev Busson is the first woman to have held the position of commissioner. And she only had a few months to deal with two major crises for the RCMP. The story of how one of the first female members of the regular forces quickly cleaned house. read more

  • Reviews

    riding the roller coaster of feminist publishing in Canada

    by May Lui | Aug 16, 2007

    In the 1970s, feminist publishing inspired and motivated many women across Canada. They wanted to read about their own experiences, their theory, their stories, and their poetry. Through the 1980s and 1990s, women’s presses only got better at delivering on that desire. Publishers have come and gone. Getting books out continues to be a challenge. The rewards? Seeing a movement evolve. Seeing a history recorded. Seeing such vision and voices for the first time in book form. read more

  • Reviews

    Feminist bookstores in Canada

    by May Lui | Jul 23, 2007

    There are currently four women’s bookstores in Canada – down from over a dozen down in less than ten years. Staying viable and surviving has never been more challenging – or more important. read more

  • People

    rebel daughter, feminist revolutionary: Doris Anderson, 1921–2007

    by Wendy Robbins | Jun 11, 2007

    Wendy Robbins’ impressions and notes on the public memorial for Doris Anderson held at Toronto’s Convocation Hall May 12, 2007. read more

  • People

    a stand-up woman: Doris Anderson

    by Frances Rooney | Jun 11, 2007

    While other magazines were telling women to stay home, be quiet, and do what their husbands wanted, Doris Anderson was, as June Callwood said, “quietly putting out the most seditious magazine in the country ... She was saying to women, stand up.” read more

  • People

    Josephine Mandamin and the Ashinabik Women's Water Commission

    by Frances Rooney | Apr 24, 2007

    The commission was only recently created to “play a leadership role in raising the awareness of Great Lakes water and impact to its quality and quantity. The Women’s Water Commission will also share their tremendous traditional knowledge and teachings about water as they undertake their work.” Commissioner Josephine Mandamin hopes to start the process by exploring the spirituality of water, how to revive dead lakes, and how we can work together to achieve common goals. read more

  • News

    last lake for the Mother Earth Water Walk

    by Frances Rooney | Apr 22, 2007

    Four years ago, some grandmothers decided to walk around Lake Superior to make people think about how important water is. This year, the one remaining Great Lake will be done. Participant Josephine Mandamin says, “The rich won’t feel the effects of bad water. They can buy water. They don’t have children drinking out of puddles, drinking water with green slime on it.” Many people think that happens in Africa and Asia – far away. “It happens here.” read more

  • Reviews

    Vancouver Memory March

    by Christine McDowell and Lisa Schincariol | Mar 30, 2007

    After a month of record rainfall, Vancouver was blessed by sunshine the day of the Memory March. The light and the wind picked up our spirits as we gathered by the Missing Women’s Memorial in Crab Park. read more


  • Seasonal Feature

  • April 1994: the night raid at Kingston’s Prison for Women

    by Sierra Bacquie

    There was supposed to be a new approach to the Correctional Service of Canada’s relationship to female offenders, who were promised responsible choices, respect, dignity, supportive environments, and shared responsibility. But on the night of April 26, eight women experienced humiliation, degradation, raw fear and trauma at the hands of an all-male emergency team. How did this happen? What has changed since?  read more