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    environmentalist: Dr. Rosalie Bertell

    by Beth Atcheson | Jun 3, 2003

    Dr. Rosalie Bertell’s lifelong work is to help us understand what is degrading the environment and us along with it. Honours bestowed upon her include the United Nations Environment Global 500 Laureate (1993). What she really wants is for all of us, at once and peacefully, to tell our governments and industries that we expect the environment to be restored and protected so that we are restored and protected. And, she wants us to make it stick. read more

  • People

    Marjorie Mintz

    by Marjorie Mintz | May 21, 2003

    If anyone had told me last year that I would be teaching computer skills and getting paid, I would never have believed it. I wonder what I will be doing tomorrow? read more

  • People

    Clara Brett Martin

    by Beth Atcheson | Apr 23, 2003

    In 1897, Clara Brett Martin became the first woman entitled to practice law in Ontario, Canada and the British Empire. It was a lonely and controversial journey. She did it for herself. She chose to do it in a way that opened the doors for women who came after. She has been written into the history books and written out again for other things she did in her short lifetime. Her courage is undeniable. read more

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    poet and publisher: Maria Jacobs

    by Carolyn Dodds | Apr 10, 2003

    World War Two survivor, immigrant, student, mother, worker – Maria Jacobs’ poetry draws on her rich life. Not content to find an audience for her own work, Maria co-founded a publishing company to expand opportunities for other poets. In following her own path, Maria creates new paths for others.  read more

  • Ideas


    by Susan G. Cole | Mar 11, 2003

    Pornography has violence against women embedded in it, and it has other dimensions that are deeply challenging. It’s a subject many of us shy away from, wrapped up as it is with sex and sexuality. There is less public awareness of what it means to us and to our society. There is not a consensus about how to address it across diverse communities of interest. There are the personal layers. There are the public layers, including huge economic and commercial forces always, relentlessly, pushing it.  read more

  • People

    entrepreneur: Filomena Carvalho

    by Radha Nayar | Mar 11, 2003

    Filomena has worked at the Immigrant Women’s Health Centre in Toronto for 20 years. After only three months there, Filomena planted the seeds for a sexual health support group for Portugese women. Her idea blossomed into a mobile sexual health services unit and publication of a sexual health booklet in seven languages. Filomena’s dedication has saved many women’s lives. read more

  • Reviews

    February 7: Lunar New Year

    Jan 29, 2003

    In Asia, the lunar new year falls at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. A Chinese proverb tells us that all creations are reborn on New Year’s Day. It is a time for change, from the old to the new. It is a time to seek good fortune. read more

  • People

    social activist: Flora MacDonald Merrill Denison

    by Betty Tennant | Jan 9, 2003

    Flora MacDonald Merrill Denison’s dedication to her advocacy on behalf of women, to her son and to Mother Nature made her a very “rich” woman, indeed. We are fortunate to inherit the “wealth” of benefits her hard work earned. read more

  • People

    entomologist and arts advocate: Joan Frances Bronskill

    by Joan Rickards | Jan 9, 2003

    What do insects and theatre have in common? Joan Frances Bronskill. Entomology is a very detail-oriented career. Joan dedicated her life to its fine art, as well as to many facets of the dramatic arts. read more

  • People

    determined mother: Meenu Sikand

    by Meenu Sikand | Jan 9, 2003

    Meenu ends up on top, but the roller coaster ride of living with a spinal cord injury and having a baby was a tough one, especially with more questions than answers. read more


  • Seasonal Feature

  • April 1994: the night raid at Kingston’s Prison for Women

    by Sierra Bacquie

    There was supposed to be a new approach to the Correctional Service of Canada’s relationship to female offenders, who were promised responsible choices, respect, dignity, supportive environments, and shared responsibility. But on the night of April 26, eight women experienced humiliation, degradation, raw fear and trauma at the hands of an all-male emergency team. How did this happen? What has changed since?  read more