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  • CoolWomen timeline

    by Pat Staton | Feb 19, 2002

    SNAPSHOTS IN TIME: One Cool Woman’s Take on some of the Achievements of Women in Canada. read more

  • stories of menstruation: sweet secrets

    by Kathleen O'Grady and Paula Wansbrough | May 10, 2001

    Something all mothers and daughters share is how we deal with the passage from girl to woman. Kathleen O’Grady and Paula Wansbrough have written a book for young women – Sweet Secrets: Stories of Menstruation. It includes short stories and factual information about menstruation. read more

  • the first Friday in March: World Day of Prayer

    Feb 23, 2001

    In 2001, the World Day of Prayer – celebrated the world over by Christians – was associated with a gender-inclusive theme chosen by Samoan women. The women of this island near New Zealand indicate in their prayers that a prayer is not complete without an action following it. read more

  • Kwanzaa in Canada

    by Afua Cooper | Dec 19, 2000

    New ideas, new values and new traditions are all part of Kwanzaa, the cultural holiday celebrating the history, culture, survival, struggles, resilience and triumphs of Black families and communities around the world. Kwanzaa gives women hope that our society and culture are changing – slowly but surely. Happy Kwanzaa to all! read more

  • April 30: Beltane or May Eve celebration

    by Pat Hacker | Apr 28, 2000

    Beltane, May Eve celebration, has many meanings – love, passion, ideas, plans, dreams and work. And, like gardens and creative projects, each can be symbolically seeded, fertilized and made ready for harvest. read more

  • a time for renewal: happy new year

    by Beth Atcheson | Dec 31, 1999

    New year festivities are among the oldest and most universally observed around the world. And while different people observe the new year at different times – many still have a strong religious basis – for all it is a time of looking back and looking forward, of assessment, of awareness and acceptance, and of remembrance and celebration of father time’s passage on mother earth. To peace, happiness and health for all in the new year! read more

  • December 6, 1989: Montreal Massacre of 14 women

    Dec 1, 1999

    This day of remembrance links a single event to a wider context: that violence against women persists and that, on this day, it is important to mourn and also to work for change, as the powerful slogan says. read more

  • October 31: Samhain | Hallowe’en

    by Pat Hacker | Oct 27, 1999

    Every culture is full of rituals. Celebrated in Canada as Hallowe’en, Samhain (pronounced Sow-en), Witches’ New Year, combines Pagan and Christian rituals – both helping us to remember the dead and to see ourselves on the continuum of life and transformation, while being conscious of how our present actions affect our future, just as our women ancestors’ actions affect us now. And, you ain’t seen nothing ’til you’ve seen the abundance of life affirming rituals here. read more

  • Women’s Future Fund

    Jul 27, 1999

    The Women’s Future Fund (WFF) is an organization seeking to raise money and awareness to improve the lives of girls and women in Canada. The Foundation is asking women to direct deductions from their paycheques to go toward the WFF. Following is a list of donation-receiving member organizations. read more

  • December 21: winter solstice celebration

    by Pat Hacker | Dec 12, 1998

    ’Tis the season! Unless yours is a lunar one, you might not find it in your calendar. The winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, or the beginning of winter to some, goes back to ancient times. Women who honour the cycles and rhythms of mother earth celebrate this and the Yule season with ancient symbols of rebirth and the promise of a new cycle of life. read more


  • Seasonal Feature

  • April 1994: the night raid at Kingston’s Prison for Women

    by Sierra Bacquie

    There was supposed to be a new approach to the Correctional Service of Canada’s relationship to female offenders, who were promised responsible choices, respect, dignity, supportive environments, and shared responsibility. But on the night of April 26, eight women experienced humiliation, degradation, raw fear and trauma at the hands of an all-male emergency team. How did this happen? What has changed since?  read more