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  • the Jane Doe decade

    by Moira Farr | Mar 25, 2009

    In March 2009, the University of Ottawa held a conference called Sexual Assault Law, Practice and Activism in a Post-Jane Doe Era. It marked the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking case of Jane Doe v. the Metropolitan Toronto police. The conference also celebrated the work of the Honourable Claire L’Heureux-Dubé. As a justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, she helped shape landmark equality-rights rulings. read more

  • the arts: where she is standing, getting, showing, and keeping feminist artwork in galleries, archives, universities and elsewhere

    by Jude MacDonald | Dec 12, 2008

    On December 3 and 4, 2008, a two-day symposium addressed “issues, contradictions and paradoxes around the exhibition, acquisition, and preservation of feminist artwork by Ontario public art galleries.” Words fail to do the energy of the discussion justice. Still, it’s worth a try. The symposium inspired a new appreciation for process – the getting there – and how it continues for women who are in, making, showing and looking at art. As it does for feminism elsewhere. read more

  • report from the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women: all things (not) being equal

    Jul 25, 2008

    Facts and figures from the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women. News for those who think women have reached equality. News for those who think the status of women has not improved. read more

  • history: Second Wave Archives Project, if we don’t tell our own stories, they might not be told at all

    by Mary Breen | May 1, 2008

    Where are the stories, minutes, photos, briefs and buttons that tell the story of the women’s movement in Canada since 1960? The Second Wave Archives Project, launched in the fall of 2007 and sponsored by Nancy’s Very Own Foundation, began with this question. It quickly became clear that relatively few such records are on deposit in public archives, and those that exist aren’t particularly easy to find.  read more

  • just a supertitle: AAA Sample Story, just a subtitle

    Apr 17, 2008

    This is a sample story for formatting examples. read more

  • education: sex, knowledge, and justice for youth

    by Jessica Yee | Mar 31, 2008

    When we talk about the ability to make healthy sexual “choices” we must also encompass ethnically and racially diverse voices and realize that the concept of “choice” falls short when placed against the backdrop of poverty, race, culture, and oppression. The lack of information and awareness in schools has everything to do with fundamental issues of empowerment and justice. We need to really listen to what our youth are saying in every part of the country about their sexual health. read more

  • a day for Louis Riel

    by Marianne Cerilli | Feb 15, 2008

    On February 18, 2008, Manitoba will celebrate its first Louis Riel Day. While several other provinces take time off for Family Day, Manitoba will focus on one of the most controversial Canadian history-makers, who was hanged for treason on November 16, 1885. The spirit of Riel is alive, and is symbolized in both the selection of Louis Riel Day and what it represents for many Manitobans who still work for equality, inclusion and a strong political voice. read more

  • section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    Jan 28, 2008

    This is the equality rights section of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. read more

  • at the forefront of a growing need: Dr. Ina Cummings and palliative care in Canada

    by Patricia Enborg | Oct 19, 2007

    The need for end-of-life care is growing as Canada’s population ages. Despite the increasing need for palliative care, it’s been hard to get the public involved. According to Dr. Ina Cummings, “There’s still a major hesitation because none of us really want to think about the possibility that life can end. It’s not something we want to face until we absolutely have to.” Yet not dealing with it has particularly harsh results for women – as both patients and caregivers. read more

  • time to represent!: Ontario's referendum

    by Michelle Dagnino | Oct 1, 2007

    A Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform recommended a new way to vote. A referendum question now asks voters whether they'd choose to change the way they select politicians – and provincial governments. It’s an exciting opportunity to reshape Ontario’s electoral system. So why are the odds stacked against Mixed Member Proportional? (Huh?!) And why do so few people in the province know what this is all about? What MMP is, and why we might want it. read more


  • Seasonal Feature

  • April 1994: the night raid at Kingston’s Prison for Women

    by Sierra Bacquie

    There was supposed to be a new approach to the Correctional Service of Canada’s relationship to female offenders, who were promised responsible choices, respect, dignity, supportive environments, and shared responsibility. But on the night of April 26, eight women experienced humiliation, degradation, raw fear and trauma at the hands of an all-male emergency team. How did this happen? What has changed since?  read more