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Toronto: animate your weekend!

October 27, 2008

2008 Regent Park Film Festival logo.

The Regent Park Film Festival is holding a professional 3-D live animation film workshop for everyone and anyone. It’s this weekend, November 1-2.

date: Saturday and Sunday, November 1–2
location: 600 Dundas Street East, rear basement at Focus, Regent Park Youth Media Art Centre
cost: Free for residents
$50 for both days for non-residents

register by calling 416.981.6737


The two-day film workshop:

... will create a 30 minutes animated film mixing greenscreen techniques with performance to insert the participants into archival photographs and 3D simulations of Regent Park. Participants will examine at historic neighbourhood photos, and then develop short scripts in small groups with Cayle Chernin, acclaimed Canadian producer, writer and actor. Participants will then perform their scripts in a greenscreen session with filmmaker Jason J. Brown.

The final result will screen at the Regent Park Closing Ceremony: an animated film using participants as actors in the historic and future world of Regent Park!

Richard Fung
Festival Manager

Regent Park Film Festival
November 5–8, 2008


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