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in the habit of voting

September 25, 2008

“The best-educated generation of women in Canadian history – those who are currently under the age of 27 – are in fact less interested in the formal political arena, less knowledgeable about it, feel less political efficacy, and are less involved in the formal political process than their male peers or previous generations of women.”

— paper by University of Calgary researchers Melanee Thomas and Lisa Young | 2006

Voter turnout in 2006:

  • overall – 63%
  • ages 18–24 – 44%

According to a Toronto Star article, Thomas and Young “found that in the past 20 years, young women with university educations consistently had lower rates of voter turnout than their male counterparts.” What to do?

“Girls learn empowerment and leadership by example.”

— Paulette Senior

A coalition of organizations including Equal Voice, Girl Guides of Canada, Student Vote, TakingITGlobal, and YWCA is asking voters and politicians to make a pledge to bring a girl to the polls on election day. Help us in our efforts to engage young Canadian girls to take part in the democratic and political process that shapes our country, please fill out the form below to confirm your support.

TAKE OUR GIRLS TO VOTE! online pledge form.


Getting girls in the habit of voting, by ANDREA GORDON, Toronto Star | September 24, 2008


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