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June 23, 2008

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is looking for objects inspired by the country’s feminist movement.

The curators are interested in:

  • buttons
  • posters
  • protest signs
  • vehicles from the abortion caravan
  • t-shirts and other clothing
  • personal items

While it is interested in “anything and everything to do with the feminist movement (broadly conceived) in Canada,” right now, the museum is pulling together a collections project exploring experiences of sexuality. It is taking a multi-ethnic, multiracial approach, and is looking for material from the 1870s to the present. Artifacts are of particular interest, though documents, photographs and ideas for other content are also welcomed.

Some themes for the collection project Canadian Sexuality and Reproduction:

  • childhood
  • puberty
  • sexual education
  • menstruation
  • coming of age
  • birth control
  • marriage
  • maternity
  • gynaecology
  • obstetrics
  • midwifery
  • homosexuality
  • fertility
  • reproductive health
  • adoption
  • fostering
  • mothering / parenting
  • childrearing
  • day care
  • abortion
  • menopause
  • grandparenting

If you know about any content that you think the museum might want, please contact:

Rhonda Hinther
Curator, Western Canadian History
Canadian Museum of Civilization

phone: 819.776.7028


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