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Vancouver: second annual women’s housing march

June 3, 2008

when: Saturday June 14, 2 pm
where: starts outside Downtown Eastside Women Centre, 302 Columbia, corner of Cordova, just west of Main, Vancouver
what: second annual March for Women’s Housing and March Against Poverty
who: Power of Women Group

why: the march is for:

  • social housing, childcare, and health care for all
  • no more evictions and no more condos in the Downtown Eastside
  • people before Olympic profits! No Olympics on stolen land
  • stop criminalizing the poor and scrap civil city
  • end global hunger and poverty
statement from the organizers

The Power of Women Group is a group at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and we do education on social issues. We are a group of women from all walks of life who are either on social assistance, working poor, or homeless; but we are all living in extreme poverty.

Many of us are single mothers or have had our children apprehended due to poverty; most of us have chronic physical or mental health issues for example HIV and Hepatitis C; many have drug or alchohol addictions; and a majority have experienced and survived sexual violence and mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional abuse. For indigenous women, we are affected by a legacy of the effects of residential schools and a history of colonization and racism.

For more information contact or call 604-681-8480 x 234


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