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Women’s Future Fund shutting down

March 7, 2008

This message arrived in the inbox yesterday:

The Women’s Future Fund is winding down operations.

For almost 10 years, the WFF aimed to expand Canadians’ support for women’s equality, raising money primarily through a unique workplace giving mechanism, and disbursing it to a diverse range of national women's organizations. We grew from 3 participating workplaces in 2000 to over 30 by 2006. Until 2006, we were able to give out 100% of funds raised to our members, for a total of over $200,000. Thanks to our many supporters, we were able to significantly raise awareness of the issue of gender inequality.

In the fall of 2006, the Women’s Future Fund, along with many of our member groups and other Canadian women's organizations, lost our funding and became ineligible for further support from Status of Women Canada. Since that time, WFF has significantly scaled back operations while continuing to raise funds for our members. Our search for sustainable funding has been unsuccessful, and we are now at a point where we have to wind down.

The WFF will maintain an office until operations are wrapped up in the spring; you can reach us with any questions at 416-516-5500 or Our office and mailing address is now: 215 Spadina, Suite 350, Toronto, M5T 2C7.

The need to support gender equality in Canada remains. We encourage our supporters to redirect their donations to one or more of our past member organizations, listed at:


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