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I liked her pretty dress | She liked my pretty fur

March 4, 2008

Veda Hille’s song “Queen Of The May” – animated beautifully by Milky Elephant’s Eun-Ha Paek – is a reminder of the sometimes delicate and fearsome nature of friendship between girls. The end can feel like a car crash.

imagine yourself
brainpan first
flying through the windscreen
glass scrapes clean
your heaving shaking
enough already of this awkward casing

Hille’s label, Ape House, commissioned the Brooklyn-based animator for the video.

The Canadian musician just released a new CD on the Ape House label. It’s called This Riot Life – “an intense, densely orchestrated and at times ferocious exploration of how we survive what life throws at us.”

“Queen Of The May” is from her CD Return of the Kildeer, which was released in 2005.


Veda Hille, MySpace page
Veda Hille , official website
Eun-Ha Paek, official website
Queen Of The May, Quicktime video for purchase, Ape House | November 28, 2005
Veda Hille, by HELEN SPITZER, | February 20, 2008


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