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February 14: social change starts from the heart

January 31, 2008

Power Camp National logo.

Yes, February 14 is Valentine’s Day. For the last five years, it has also been something else – Power Camp National’s National Day of Action. It is meant to be a “celebration of the incredible girls and young women across the country who are working for a better world.”

Here are a couple of the things that Power Camp National are planning – things you might want to do.

take action

“Creative, engaged and motivating activities are planned in many communities across the country. The intention behind this big mobilization is to celebrate the civic engagement of hundred of girls and young women, and transmit to communities the desire to do social change.”

blogging carnival

Beginning on February 14, Power Camp National will encourage girls and young women to write about one issue a week. If you don't have your own blog, you can post on the organization’s site, which “provides a space to connect with others, access resources, profile creative work, and find inspiration to change the world.”

The weekly topics are:

  • February 14 to 21: What is intersectionality? Exploring the complexity of identities
  • February 22 to 28: Violence against women and girls: Envisioning change
  • February 29 to March 6: Sexual Health back on the agenda ...
  • March 7 to 13: Self empowerment: Body, mind and spirit


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