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feds: winter women should take a jump

January 8, 2008

Leaping lizards – the federal government is supporting the efforts of women ski jumpers to compete at the 2010 Olympics. According to CTV News, the decision “came after the athletes filed a formal complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.”

While the support helps, jumpers still face another hurdle – the International Olympics Committee, which says that women’s ski jumping can’t be included, because it falls short of “basic standards.”

According to 16-year-old athlete Katie Willis, “I’ve learned that at some point when things aren’t fair, you have to do something about it.”

One thing might be to contact Canada’s own senior Olympic official, Dick Pound.

Why? Because in the Globe and Mail, he is quoted today as saying:

Instead of wasting their money on human-rights cases, they’d be better off hiring some coaches and convincing people to build programs for women rather than trying to do something through the back door.

Nice attitude there, Dick. While Mr. Pound is a member of the IOC, the Canadian Olympic Committee and Vancouver’s Olympics organizing committee, he made a point of telling the Globe that this was his personal reaction.

Perhaps you want to share your personal reaction to his personal reaction. Here’s some places to send your thoughts:

Or maybe you’d like to let the IOC know what you think about its position. While it seems to be coy about making an email address easily available to the public, here’s one you could try:

As Tania writes on the Globe’s comments page today:

For those that have a problem with this being brought before the Human Rights Commission, this is an appropriate case to be brought forward! Duh. Federal, provincial and municipal tax dollars are being used to build the very facilities being used.

If the IOC were developing all the venues, I’d have no problem with them saying what they wanted to do with it. However since my money is being used, I’d want Canadian values to be used.

I’d love for the IOC to pull the plug on 2010 based on an equality issue. It’d show the organization for what it truly is. An old boys club built on the backs and at the expense of people who could never afford to attend.

I’d rather Canada stand up for it's values, than bending to an outside organization that is full of middle/old-aged white guys.

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