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Zab Design & Typography inc
Toronto Ontario

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Zab created the wordmark using three typefaces. The letters are based on Zuzana Licko’s Filosophia Bold. The number 15 comes was created using Zab's own Rubber Bit.

Rubber Bit is also used for the menu found in the right-hand column. titles were designed in Georgia and Verdana. The summaries and body copy are in Verdana.

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Gossamer Threads
Vancouver British Columbia

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photo research

Toronto, Ontario

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information architecture, programming, css and bricolage templates

Dawn Buie
Toronto, Ontario

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additional programming

Greg Heo
Toronto, Ontario

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project manager

Raised Eyebrow Web Studio Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Bricolage is the open-source content management system used for’s features and blog.

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  • Seasonal Feature

  • November 11: Remembrance Day

    by Carolyn Gossage

    During World War One, women contributed significantly to the war effort on the home front in Canada. They laboured on farms, in offices and in factories. They filled jobs of men who enlisted, and took on new jobs in factories manufacturing war goods. They headed and kept families fed and clothed. By 1917, there were over 35,000 women working in munitions factories in Quebec and Ontario. But they weren’t allowed to wear pants on the job. read more