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  • “The festival touches hearts and changes lives. That’s what it’s about. A tight community is one of the fruits of doing this work.”


    Regent Park Film Festivalcommunity cinema from distant lands

    by Frances Rooney | November 5, 2008

    For decades, Toronto’s Regent Park has been considered one of the toughest neighborhoods in Canada. In 2003,a student teacher who had recently arrived from India lived just up the street from The Park. She had a pretty clear idea of the realities of her students’ lives. With the support of others, she founded the Regent Park Film Festival. The festival brings the world to Regent Park and puts The Park in the world. This year, it runs from today to Saturday November 8, 2008.  read more

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  • October 18, 1929: Persons Case

    This is a hugely important date in the legal history of women as it marks the moment Canada’s women added, “persons of right and privilege” to their standing of “persons in matters of pains and penalties.” This is a story about the process, led by Emily Murphy from 1916–1927, when the petition was signed to reconsider the definition of women, to the monumental day in 1929. Since then, the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund has continued to press for changes to laws that affect women. read more