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  • Louis Riel in 1876 | photo: Hall and Lowe photographers


    a day for Louis Riel

    by Marianne Cerilli | February 15, 2008

    On February 18, 2008, Manitoba will celebrate its first Louis Riel Day. While several other provinces take time off for Family Day, Manitoba will focus on one of the most controversial Canadian history-makers, who was hanged for treason on November 16, 1885. The spirit of Riel is alive, and is symbolized in both the selection of Louis Riel Day and what it represents for many Manitobans who still work for equality, inclusion and a strong political voice.  read more

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  • history you can touch: July 1, vacationing with Canada’s history

    by Beth Atcheson

    Are you there yet? Planning a summer vacation in Canada, check out the sites, persons and events of historical significance in our collective story. When you get home, think about the stories that interest you and nominate a new site, person or event. Have a safe and fun vacation. read more