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    Earth DayVandana Shivaphysicist, environmental activist, feminist, ecologist and author

    by Frances Rooney | April 21, 2008

    According to Vandana Shiva, we are all connected, As a result, the rights of women and small farmers is central to her work for our earth. She points out that women are the main producers and processors of food. Farmers are the keepers of the diversity that makes both people and plants strong. “For me,” says Shiva, “ecology and feminism have been inseparable.” She combines women’s rights and nature’s rights, celebrating our cultural diversity and biological diversity.  read more

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  • March 20: spring equinox

    by Pat Hacker

    Can’t wait for spring to arrive? In the northern hemisphere, March and April mark the earliest time young animals could be born after the winter of gestation and survive the weather conditions. In ancient Greek terms, it is when Persephone returns from the underworld to be reunited with her mother, Demeter, and her sisters, and the promise of the growing herbs and grains is fulfilled. Through ritual, let’s make the connection between our bodies, the universe, and friends. read more