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  • Outside is finding its way in. It’s breaking down the walls, girls, in so many ways. | image: “Angus” sculpture, part of the Lady Sasquatch show, Allyson Mitchell


    the artswhere she is standinggetting, showing, and keeping feminist artwork in galleries, archives, universities and elsewhere

    by Jude MacDonald | December 12, 2008

    On December 3 and 4, 2008, a two-day symposium addressed “issues, contradictions and paradoxes around the exhibition, acquisition, and preservation of feminist artwork by Ontario public art galleries.” Words fail to do the energy of the discussion justice. Still, it’s worth a try. The symposium inspired a new appreciation for process – the getting there – and how it continues for women who are in, making, showing and looking at art. As it does for feminism elsewhere.  read more

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