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  • “The need for this kind of meeting is greater than ever. There are many misconceptions and outright lies circulating about feminism and women’s conditions in this society.”


    the Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gatheringcatch a Wave of ResistanceOctober 11–13, 2008

    by Sarah Ghabrial | October 1, 2008

    On the weekend before Canada’s federal election, young feminist women will get together in Montreal. Participants are expected to come from every province and territory, and represent a wide diversity of experiences and backgrounds. Waves of Resistance is “a call to young women from all over Canada to meet each other and see that they are not alone, and that feminism is not only pertinent but vital to our generation.” Registration is allowed until the first day of the conference.  read more

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  • June 20: summer solstice

    by Pat Hacker

    Summer solstice, on June 20, is the midpoint of the year; it’s the longest day and shortest night. Summer solstice is the time of divine and earthly power joined together; of the sun's brilliant energy at its zenith, and the earth at her fullness. Midsummer’s eve is when the faeries dance, the fires are lit and past sorrows are sent away. It is a night for love to be spent dancing and singing, eating fruits and cake and drinking ale. Happy summer! read more