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    activistRosemary Brown

    by Penney Kome | June 2, 2000

    For Rosemary Brown, “being Black and female in a society which is both racist and sexist is to be in the unique position of having nowhere to go but up!” As the first woman to run for leadership of a national political party, and the first woman of colour elected to British Columbia’s legislature, she knew much about it. She also said, “Fighting for equality is like washing the dishes. You’ve got to keep on it every single day.”

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  • “A girl has more confidence and consequently is more efficient if she can keep her hair tidied, apply fresh lipstick and wash her hands several times a day.”


    eleven tips on getting more efficiency out of women employees

    by L.H. Sanders | March 7, 2005

    From the July 1943 edition of Mass Transportation magazine, written for male supervisors of women in the work force during World War Two.

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  • Dora de Pédery-Hunt designed the Persons Case medallion. Her image of Queen Elizabeth has appeared on all Canadian coins.


    artistDora de Pédery-HuntNovember 16, 1913–September 29, 2008

    by Frances Rooney | January 6, 2009

    On October 18, 1929, Canada recognized that women are persons. In 1979, Dora de Pédery-Hunt designed the Persons Case medallion. She said of her design, “The subject of this medal is celebration! Celebration of Canadian women becoming ‘persons’, of joy and delight that at least one great step was taken.” According to Clara Hargittay, de Pédery-Hunt “was instrumental in introducing the ancient art of medal sculpture to Canada.” Think you have never seen her work? Think again.

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  • Place du 6 décembre’s 19th annual commemoration ceremony, organized by the Quebec Federation of Women. | photo: Patricia Enborg


    sometimes a rose is a campaign

    by Patricia Enborg | December 22, 2008

    An organized call for a national action plan to end violence against women is almost 20 years old. How far has Canada progressed in almost 20 years? According to Heidi Rathjen, who was an engineering student at the École Polytechnique in 1989, “We obviously still have a long way to go.” As a result, the YWCA relaunched its Rose Button Campaign this year. Raising awareness is not enough. It’s time for real action.

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  • Canada Post celebrates Black History Month

     Thursday January 29

    Stamp featuring Rosemary Brown.

    February is Black History Month. In celebration, Canada Post is issuing two stamps. One of them honours Rosemary Brown, the first Black woman to be elected to public office. She was also the first woman to run for the leadership of a Canadian federal political party.

    On Sunday, February 1, the National Congress of Black Women Foundation is hosting the stamp launch in Vancouver, as well as presenting a short play on slavery and two films on Abraham Doras Shadd and Rosemary Brown. read more

  • gets the twitters!

     Tuesday January 20

    Would you like to follow what’s happening on, and be a part of the site’s growth and change?

    Editor Jude MacDonald is making regular updates on Twitter:

    She is also eager to add more people to the network she follows.

    Anyone wanting to make quick suggestions about our Website – from design, to new applications we might want to consider, to story ideas – please add the tag to become part of the conversation here:

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  • I don’t support racism, I just don’t do anything about it when it happens in front of me

     Friday January 9

    A York University professor led a study to find out how white people think they would react to racism, compared to what they actually do when someone is racist. Seems that some folks need to do more homework about the difference between nice thoughts and real actions. read more

  • happy news from The Miss G__ Project

     Thursday January 8

    Some of’s favourite agents of change give us an update about what they’ve been doing, and the results of their efforts. Great news! Public schools in the province of Ontario are getting Women and Gender Studies and comprehensive early sex-ed programming. What next? Plenty. read more

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