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  • From October 11–13, Montreal played host to the largest and most regionally and culturally diverse gathering of young feminists to take place in Canada in decades. | photo: Sarah Ghabrial


    Toujours RebELLES from the inside

    by Sarah Ghabrial | November 19, 2008

    Writer, student and Miss G___ activist Sarah Ghabrial reports from the floor of October’s Waves of Resistance conference in Quebec. According to the manifesto created during the event, “Our struggle is not over. We will be post-feminists when we have post-patriarchy.” According to Elsa Beaulieu, one of the conference organizers, “Our struggles and our solidarity are local, national, and global.”  read more

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  • November 11: Remembrance Day

    by Carolyn Gossage

    During World War One, women contributed significantly to the war effort on the home front in Canada. They laboured on farms, in offices and in factories. They filled jobs of men who enlisted, and took on new jobs in factories manufacturing war goods. They headed and kept families fed and clothed. By 1917, there were over 35,000 women working in munitions factories in Quebec and Ontario. But they weren’t allowed to wear pants on the job. read more